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About Lucy Moses School

Kaufman Music Center’s Lucy Moses School is New York City’s largest community music school. We offer classes in music, dance, and theater as well as private music lessons. Students of all ages, from toddlers to boomers, at all levels of skill and experience are welcome! 

Signing your child up for music education is an investment in their future success. There is a wealth of research which shows that music students develop focus, determination, creativity, confidence, perseverance, accuracy, problem solving, and collaboration.These skills and habits prepare young people to make a significant impact as tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, leaders, inventors, explorers, and artists. Plus employers repeatedly cite creativity and innovation as the most sought after skills that they look for in new and valued employees. Having your child study music is one of the best ways to give them an advantage in life.

While there are many options for taking music, dance and theater classes in New York City, it’s not a surprise that Lucy Moses School is the choice for so many. What makes us unique is our combination of student care, community spirit, expert training, and choices that include music-related dance and theater programs. 

Student Care — Whether your child is studying a musical instrument for the first time or looking to improve, our matchmaking approach lays a solid and engaging foundation. The Lucy Moses School staff carefully matches students with faculty members suited to their skill level, schedule, learning style and musical interests.

Community Spirit — Part of the reason students thrive at Lucy Moses School is because of the environment. It has been described as “a bustling, warm place with lots of happy students. It has a feeling of instant inclusion. People feel very comfortable here, very quickly.”

Expert Training — It’s more than just the atmosphere — our students benefit from superior training, from our 150+ accomplished faculty and innovative music curricula.

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Watch this video to find out what students, parents and faculty have to say about Lucy Moses School's Young People's Division:

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