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Ecstatic Music Fest:
The Mountain Goats
& Anonymous 4

Saturday, March 24, 2012  |  7:30pm


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Co-commissioned by the Barbican

This concert is sold out but  you can hear it streamed live on Q2 Music.
Stand-by tickets will become available 15 minutes before the concert. To get on this list, please sign up in person at the box office at 7 pm on March 24.

The Mountain Goats are joined by the vocal quartet Anonymous 4 in a collaborative presentation of songs from Transcendental Youth, a new work by John Darnielle (pictured) of the Mountain Goats ("one of America's most startling lyricists," Boston Globe). Anonymous 4, celebrating their 25th anniversary, are famous for their purity of tone and astounding blend, gaining wide recognition for their intense scholarship and attention to historical context, both in medieval and early American repertoire.

Transcendental Youth features new songs from Darnielle, heard here in special arrangements for voices, piano and guitar by the acclaimed musical polymath Owen Pallett. The songs visit a small community on Puget Sound in Washington, north of Seattle at the foot of Glacier Peak, and are inhabited by the mournful voices of the isolated and the lost in motels and apartment complexes around Snohomish County.

A short solo Mountain Goats set begins the evening, followed by Anonymous 4 performing selections from their rich catalog in a program curated by both Darnielle and A4, and concluding with the collaborative performance.

Read the program notes.

Anonymous 4
Lection: Apocalypse 21:1-5

The Lord’s Prayer (John Tavener)

Motet: Salve virgo regia/Ave gloriosa mater/[DOMINO]
Motet: Gaude virgo nobilis/Verbum caro factum/ET VERITATE
Benedicamus domino: Belial vocatur

Conductus: Nicholai presulis
Song: Novus Annus Adiit
Trope: Gratulantes celebremus festum

The Scientist (Richard Einhorn)

Religious Ballad: Wayfaring Stranger
Folk hymn: Parting Friends


The Mountain Goats
Tribe of the Horned Heart (2012)
Bride (2009)
In the Shadow of the Western Hills (2012)
Slow West Vultures (2007)
Hail St. Sebastian (2009)
Your Belgian Things (2004)
Cut Off Their Thumbs (year unknown)
Moon Over Goldsboro (2006)
1 John 4:16 (2009)
Enoch 18:14 (2009)

The Mountain Goats & Anonymous 4
Transcendental Youth: New Songs by the Mountain Goats (all songs 2012)
in special arrangements for guitar, piano and voices by Owen Pallett

Until I Am Whole
Night Light
Spent Gladiator II
Transcendental Youth
In Memory of Satan
White Cedar
Lakeside View Apartments Suite
Counterfeit Florida Plates

Anonymous 4

EMF 3-24-12 Playlist

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