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New York Guitar Festival: Lee Ranaldo, Kaki King,
Buke & Gase, Twi the
Humble Feather

Thursday, January 12, 2012  |  7:30pm


Silent Films/Live Guitars: groundbreaking guitarists premiere scores for silent films
by Buster Keaton.

Co-founder of the alternative rock band Sonic Youth, Lee Ranaldo is #33 on Rolling Stone's list of “Greatest Guitarists of All Time.” He will give the NY premiere of a score for Buster Keaton's Cops (1922), a short comedy about a young man who gets on the bad side of the Los Angeles Police Department during a parade and is chased all over town. The film was Keaton’s response to the 1921 Fatty Arbuckle scandal – the actor/director was accused of assaulting and accidentally killing a woman, a charge that ended his career even though he was eventually acquitted by a jury.

"Normally I couple my abstract guitar explorations with equally abstract films, but in this case I'm really looking forward to applying the sounds I make to the magical world of Buster Keaton films and his distinctive brand of physical comedy," says Ranaldo. "It should be an interesting and unexpected combination..."

Kaki King, the sole woman and youngest artist on Rolling Stone's 2006 list of "The New Guitar Gods," will give the world premiere of Buster Keaton's The Scarecrow (1920), in which Keaton plays a young man whose pursuit of a farmer’s daughter takes an unexpected turn when he falls into a hay thresher and ruins his clothes.

The Brooklyn-based Buke and Gase Arone Dyer on the “buke” (a self-modified six-string baritone ukulele) and Aron Sanchez on the “gase” (a guitar-bass hybrid of his own creation) will perform a score to excerpts from Buster Keaton’s Civil War adventure classic The General (1926), which is famous for its locomotive chase.

Twi the Humble Feather compose within a spectrum of influences from film and architecture, to dreams and nature. Cousins and close friends since childhood, Anthony Lebron and Hektor Fontanez aim to create timeless and imaginative music for a multi-generational audience. They will perform a score to Buster Keaton's short comedy The Garage (1920), a short comedy starring Keaton and Fatty Arbuckle about two inept firemen.

Twi the Humble Feather - score for The Garage, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, director (1920, 25 minutes)
Hektor Fontanez and Anthony LeBron, guitars

Buke & Gase - score for excerpts from Buster Keaton’s The General (1926)
Arone Dyer, buke and Aron Sanchez, gase


Kaki King - score for Buster Keaton’s The Scarecrow (1920, 19 minutes)

Lee Ranaldo - score for Buster Keaton’s Cops (1922, 18 minutes)

Kaki King Buke & Gase by Grant Cornett Twi the Humble Feather by Lianna Tarantin

Haiku Sixteen (Featuring Lee Ranaldo)

Kaki King - Night After Sidewalk

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