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Resonant Bodies Festival: Opening Night with Lucy Shelton, Dawn Upshaw & Tony Arnold

Wednesday, September 09, 2015  |  7:30pm


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Tony Arnold
Works by Anton Webern (1883-1945), György Kurtág (b. 1925), Jason Eckardt (b. 1971), George Crumb (b. 1929), Beat Furrer (b.1954), Thomas Adès (b. 1971), David Liptak (b. 1949) and a world premiere by Fredrick Gifford (b. 1972).

Dawn Upshaw
Works by Sheila Silver ( b. 1948) (World Premiere) and Shawn Jaeger (b. 1985) and others. Joined by pianist Gilbert Kalish and members of Contemporaneous.

Lucy Shelton
Works by James Yannatos (1929-2011), Elliott Carter (1908-2012), Milton Babbitt (1916-2011), Tom Flaherty (b. 1950),  and world premieres by Eric Nathan (b. 1983) Icli Zitella (b. 1966), Richard Festinger (b. 1948) and Susan Botti (b. 1968). Joined by Carlos Cordeiro, clarinet & electronics and Meaghan Burke, cello.

The opening night of the 2015 Resonant Bodies Festival highlights each performer's most distinctive repertoire, including works by composers with whom each has had a close working relationship, performed with longtime collaborators. Tony Arnold traces a lineage from Webern to Kurtág (with whom she has worked closely) to Jason Eckardt (whose music she has premiered and recorded) and beyond, to new works written for her in 2015. Dawn Upshaw's set features Shawn Jaeger's The Cold Pane, written for and premiered by her in 2013, accompanied by new-music ensemble Contemporaneous. Upshaw will also be joined by her longtime collaborator, pianist Gilbert Kalish, with whom she has premiered numerous works. Lucy Shelton's set includes signature works written as well as works by Milton Babbitt and Elliott Carter, and world premieres by Eric Nathan (recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship and Rome Prize), Susan Botti and Icli Zitella. Shelton will be joined by clarinetist Carlos Cordeiro, and cellist Meaghan Burke.


Tony Arnold

Jacob Greenberg, piano
Randall Zigler, double bass
Gleb Kanasevich, bass clarinet
Michael Norsworthy, bass clarinet

I. Forgetting

Beat Furrer (b. 1954)  -  Lotófagos (2006)

II. Lineage

Anton Webern (1883-1945)  -  Songs for voice and piano
   "Wie bin ich froh!" op. 25/1 
   "Ja Heil und Dank dir" op. 4/3
   "Gleich und gleich" op. 12/4

György Kurtág (b. 1925)  -  Selections from Requiem for the Beloved (1987)
   "O God, how suddenly silent…"
   "Cruel Romance"
   "It was my strength…"

Jason Eckardt (b. 1971)  -  “Dithyramb” from Tongues (2001)

III. Gratitude

David Liptak (b. 1949)  -  From Dove Songs (2013, NYC premiere) 
"Beauty and the Beast"

Fredrick Gifford (b. 1972)  -  Selections from 100 Not-Songs for JOHN CAGE (2012, world premiere)
   Cycle 10:   C    (Marcel Duchamp)
   Cycle 3:     A    (Ezra Pound)
   Cycle 5:     G    (I Ching)
   Cycle 12:   E    (Buckminster Fuller)

George Crumb (b. 1929)  -  from The Yellow Moon of Andalusia (2014, NY premiere)
   "In the Forest of Clocks"

Thomas Adès (b. 1971)  -  Life Story (1993)

Dawn Upshaw

Sheila Silver (b. 1948)  -  On Loving: three songs for Diane Kalish, in memorium  (2015, world premiere)
• O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright
• Sonnet:  Mindful of you the sodden earth in spring
• Love is a magic ray

Shawn Jaeger (b. 1985)  -  The Cold Pane (2013)
• It is almost spring again
• The Cold Pane
• Raindrops
• The Widower
• Again

Lucy Shelton

James Yannatos (1929-2011)  -  Hope is the thing with feathers (1979)
Tom Flaherty (b. 1950)  -  When Time Was Young (2003)
Icli Zitella (b. 1966)  -  Animalia: a litany for extinct bird species (2015, world premiere)
Elliott Carter (1908-2012)  -  La Musique (2007)

Richard Festinger (b. 1948)  -  Four Cummings Settings (2015, world premiere)
     silence is
     trees were
     birds here
     thrushes are

Susan Botti (b. 1962)  -  “Listen, my heart #13” from Bird Songs (2015, world premiere)

Milton Babbitt (1916-2011)  -  Philomel (1964)

Eric Nathan (b. 1983)  -  Soul Perching (2015, world premiere)
     I.  Hope is the thing with feathers
     II. Canon for Three

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