Kaufman Music Center

Special Music School Faculty

Lydia Kontos, President
Jenny Undercofler, Music Director
Katherine Banucci-Smith, Principal
Sean Hartley, Chair of Admissions
Sandra Noreen, Associate Music Director

Music Faculty*

Hideaki Aomori, Clarinet Faculty
Anna Basis, Violin Faculty
Viktor Basis, Violin Faculty
Genya Betman, Piano Faculty
Yari Bond, Cello Faculty
Stephen Cabell, Theory faculty
Andre Didorenko, Violin Faculty
Anne Farber, Theory Faculty
Heidi Garson, Horn Faculty
Wanda Glowacka, Cello Faculty
Russell Greenberg, Percussion Faculty
Sean Hartley, Chorus Faculty, Theater Wing Director
Valerie Holmes, Flute Faculty
Emily John, History/Chorus/Music Faculty
Nicole Johnson, Cello Faculty
Igal Kesselman, Piano Faculty, Lucy Moses School Director
Brian Krinke, Violin Faculty
Irina Krivonos, Piano Faculty
Sergei Krivonos, Piano Faculty
Alicia Lee, clarinet faculty
Cynthia Lilley, Theory Faculty
Robinson McClellan, composition faculty
Miho Matsuno, Violin Faculty
Natela Mchedlishvili, Piano Faculty
Irina Morozova, Piano Faculty
Irina Nuzova, Piano Faculty
Genya Paley, Piano Faculty
Vladimir Panteleyev, Cello Faculty
Nancy Ranger, Oboe Faculty
Matthew Reichert, Violin Faculty, Suzuki Program Director
Luke Schwartz, Theory Faculty
Joseph Ries, Piano Faculty
Brad Siroky, Trumpet Faculty
Lynelle Smith, Violin Faculty
Liza Stepanova, Theory Faculty
Diane Taublieb, Flute Faculty
Suzanne Wagor, Viola Faculty
Julia Zilberquit, Piano Faculty

*The faculty roster will expand to include additional experienced composition, music technology, voice and instrumental teachers in time for the opening of the new Special Music School High School in September 2013.

Academic Faculty

Sarah Anderson, ELL/ELS Teacher
Alyssa Chapados, 2nd Grade Teacher
Francesca Ciotoli, Curriculum Consultant
Alison Gorsuch, Middle School Science Teacher
Ben Halioua, Guidance Counselor
Rebecca Harig, 1st Grade Teacher
Kerri Hook, 5th Grade Teacher
Kaitlin Kenny, Physical Education Teacher
Pat Martinez, 4th Grade Teacher
Ilona Moarof-Fins, Art Teacher
Kristen Palmieri, Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Abby Rapoport, Kindergarten Teacher
Millie Roman, School Secretary
Diana Ruiz, School Aide
Sharan Shah, Middle School English Teacher
Julie Tracht, 3rd Grade Teacher
George Tsugranes, Middle School Math Teacher

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