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Face the Music in New York Magazine's Vulture


Face the Music and member/composer Paris Lavidis are featured on New York Magazine's Vulture blog!

Culture writer Nick Tabor writes,

"..unlike the familiar image of young musicians soullessly sawing away at Bach concertos, most of what kids in Face the Music play is experimental, and much of it is outright bizarre. In fact, there’s only one rule: They only perform work by living composers. The result is a subculture where Radiohead and Portishead cross-pollinate with Bartók and Dvořák, where orchestral music feels newly relevant as a medium of self-expression.

"In most high schools, the ability to play clarinet at a nearly virtuosic level or articulate finer points of musical theory or transcribe Brahms’s sonatas from memory can put kids on the social margins. Classical music is regarded as academic, whereas hip-hop and garage rock are vehicles for creativity. But, the Face the Music argument goes, it doesn’t need to be that way. Classical skills can open up artistic possibilities without closing off ideas from other genres. And Paris — likely the program’s most prolific composer, definitively part of its creative vanguard — with his incredible stylistic range, his blend of intellectualism and juvenile spontaneity, and, especially, the way he works with his peers, drawing off their ideas, pushing them in new directions — is a key to understanding how this small renaissance is happening."

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