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9th Annual Circle Wind Concert

Sunday | September 11 2016 | 3 pm

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Wild Samurai "Nobushi"
Hitoyoshi Nebuka Taiko Junior Team
Ayako Shirasaki Jazz Trio
Japan Choral Harmony "TOMO" 
The Bear Necessities of Brown University

The Circle Wind Concert commemorates the 9/11 tragedy and the 3/11 tsunami disaster in Japan. This year it will support people suffering from a series of earthquakes in the Kumamoto area in Japan. A leading wadaiko (traditional Japanese drum) group and a junior wadaiko team come to New York from Japan for an energetic and powerful performance. Ayako Shirasaki Jazz Trio, an acclaimed jazz trio, The Bear Necessities, an a cappella chorus from Brown University and Japan Choral Harmony "TOMO" will join this annual concert.

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