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Musical Storefronts: gamin

February 11 at 4, 5 & 6 pm

Gamin Bio


Se-piri solo for Yeongsanheosang
A traditional court music piece, Yeongsanhoesang has undergone continuous change with the current version taking form sometime in the 19th century. While the genesis of the suite is not completely certain, the first piece of the suite, “Sangryeongsan” appears to be the foundation piece for the suite. “Sangryeongsan,” the slowest and longest piece in the suite, progresses gracefully and gently like the flow of water. The following 7-8 pieces in the suite include variations on “Sangryeongsan,” as well as standard musical forms and dance pieces of the Joseon era (1392-1910).

Uncertain way for Saenghwang solo
This is my solo improvisation to discover new inspirational sounds in this uncertain time. During the continuing Covid-19 global pandemic, we in New York have been confined to home for nearly a year. Music became my only form of prayer.

Piri solo in Gyemyeon-jo
gamin’s solo improvisation is tuned for a Korean traditional pentatonic mode, gyemyeon-jo (界面調), which is often used for music from the southwest. It is said to evoke softness and sad feelings and is commonly used to express ”Han” (恨), a term to describe an accumulated sadness or bitter resentment or frustration owing to social discrimination and political disenfranchisement. One characteristic of han is that it cannot be released or healed but, at best, becomes a source of inspiration and innerstrength through which to overcome one's difficulties.

Taepyungso Melody for Gut
Improvised melody based on Korean traditional music, nongak (or pan-gut), which is considered as a whole, therefore, we can see that it is done to encourage the farmers as they work, and to drive away evil spirits. This ceremonial music is used in shaman rites, and that nongak (Gut) were originally synonymous words, shows a close link between the two forms of music and ceremony. Pankut held in an open area as popular entertainment (Nong-Ak) is a variety of music, dance, acrobatics and singing performance.


January 21-April 28, 2021

Kaufman Music Center brought live music back to NYC’s Upper West Side with a pop-up concert series with 107 performances featuring 202 of our city’s finest performers, including chamber musicians, soloists, Broadway stars from Hamilton, Tootsie and Company, and artists from the Merkin Hall stage. More than 30K passers-by enjoyed the performances. Presented in partnership with the Alphadyne Foundation, Musical Storefronts provided work to artists severely impacted by the cancellation of live performances in a format that took into account all necessary health and safety measures for both artists and audiences.

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Special thanks to Jay Dweck, Milstein Properties, Steinway & Sons, the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District and Breads Bakery.

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