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Clarinetist Ellen Landsberger Recommends Re-discovering Music After Retirement


“When I’m playing music I can’t think about politics and what’s going on in the world. It’s very calming. Playing and listening to music are very healing and beneficial.”

Two years ago, Ellen Landsberger heard about Lucy Moses School from a friend and stopped by to check it out. A recently-retired obstetrician, Ellen wanted to return the clarinet, an instrument she played in high school. She began taking private lessons with Morrie Sherry as well as a music theory class and Dalcroze Euthythmics for Seniors. This fall, Ellen plans to join a chamber ensemble at LMS.

“It’s a lot like riding a bike,” she says, noting that while she’s been steadily regaining her musical skills, the embouchure as well as finding time to practice can sometimes be a challenge. “Morrie has really encouraged me,” she says.

Ellen is passionate about travel, music and politics. “Over time, we get very caught up in work and family and move away from some of our passions,” she explains. “Since my retirement, being able to get back to things I loved in the past and having the freedom and the time to do it is really remarkable.”

Ellen enjoys the large variety of classes and LMS and the friendliness and warmth of the staff. “This is almost like another home,” she says. She loves the mix of children and older people as well as the school’s proximity to Merkin Hall.

Ellen has this advice for adults thinking about returning to an instrument or starting as a beginner: “Getting started is hard. Once you do, it’s just fun.”

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