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Face the Music
Call for Scores


2014-15 Season: Second Annual Call for Scores

Submission deadline: Friday, June 6, 2014
Please send submissions to

Face the Music is proud to announce our second annual open call for scores! Last year’s call for scores
was an overwhelming success. We received fifteen great submissions covering a wide range of style and experience and this year, we’re expecting even more. This is a special opportunity to have your piece
extensively coached and rehearsed in a workshop-like environment. Accepted submissions are typically
performed one to three times per season.

Qualifications for participation:
● Applicant must be under college age
● Applicant must be studying a musical instrument (see “if accepted,” below)
● If applicant is a current Face the Music student, past due balances must be paid
● Music submitted must not have received a prior performance or reading (needs to be a world

Application process:
● Applicants must complete a Face the Music registration form and pay a non-refundable $40 fee.
This fee will be put towards Face the Music tuition for 2014-15. If the applicant’s piece is not
accepted, and he/she does not participate in Face the Music, this fee will not be refunded
● Applicants should submit their music as both a source file (sibelius, finale, or noteflight) and as a
pdf. Students should also submit an mp3.
● All files must be clearly labeled with title, composer name and date
● All files should be emailed to

If accepted, applicants will:
● Play in at least two Face the Music pieces during the 2014-15 season
● Make themselves available for all rehearsals and performances of their piece
● Be proactive in making suggested revisions to parts and score
● Promote the performances of their music

Further guidelines:
Instrumentation - Any combination of the following:
● strings, no larger than 66431
● single winds and brass
● up to 2 keyboardists
● up to 2 percussionists
● electric guitar
● electric bass
● laptop, samples, electronics, MIDI drum triggers
● If the applicant wishes to use instruments that Face the Music does not own or have immediate
access to, he or she should be prepared to provide those instruments or pay a rental fee towards
them. Examples of these instruments are:
○ Contrabassoon
○ Bass Trombone
Length: no longer than 15 minutes. Applicants can submit more than one piece, but only one piece will be selected.

Style/Genre: We are open to diverse styles and genres. If you are looking for inspiration, you should
know that during the 2014-15 season, Face the Music will:
● Perform music by Michael Gordon (“Trance”) and Steven Mackey (“Eating Greens”)
● Continue its ongoing collaboration with Kronos Quartet
● Work with a tango dancer (Mayte Vicens)
● Continue exploring new forms of creative improvisation

Results: Will be announced in late June 2014