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6 Questions for Upcoming EMF Artist Christopher Tignor


On February 9th Christopher Tignor and his band Slow Six, along with This Will Destroy You, will be playing with the self-conducted string orchestra A Far Cry. Some thoughts, via email...

  • What is it like to do arrangements for Slow Six vs. other groups, like A Far Cry?

The meaningful difference is between doing arrangements for existing songs, like I've done here for Slow Six and This Will Destroy You and full-fledged original composition, like my work "Thunder Lay Down in the Heart" that A Far Cry and I will play in the opening set beside Steve Reich's "Triple Quartet".  A great string arrangement expands on the inner essence of what a song is already asking for, even if the original creators (including myself in the case of Slow Six) don't know it yet.  The song knows it and with an arrangement, there's already a strong voice begging if you take the time to listen.  When starting from scratch, you still have to listen to what the song says is the next move but the voices up front are much, much fainter to the extent where you wonder if you're just hearing things, which of course, you are.

  • Best time/location to compose music?

22 years old, after getting dumped, living in a warehouse with bad heat.

  • My favorite city in the world is ____________________.

Secret Cities.

  • Who do you turn to for inspiration?

Rodney Mullen, Richard Feynman, David Pajo.

  • Secret guilty pleasure?

Supernatural (TV show).  No, I take that back.  I am not guilty at all.  That is an incredibly well written program and I will fight any of you that say otherwise: not kidding.

  • What can we expect at the concert (in haiku form)?

This, your beating heart
will choke the cynicism
out each sleeping vein.

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