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Kaufman Center Board Chairman is Featured in The Wall Street Journal


Rosalind Devon, Chairman of Kaufman Center's Board of Trustees, was featured in Melanie Grayce West's "Donor of the Day" column in The Wall Street Journal on April 21-22, 2012.

"To Rosalind Devon, music is everything," writes West. "She is the chair of the board of trustees for the Kaufman Center, a New York performance space and school for music, housing the Lucy Moses School and the Special Music School.

"Ms. Devon, a Manhattan resident, has been involved with the Kaufman Center for some 30 years. She's been a student of the Lucy Moses School, she teaches at the center's month-long summer musical theater workshop, and she's been a long-time member of the board and a donor, giving $10,000 in support of the organization's annual gala to be held in New York on April 26."

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