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Lucy Moses School Spring Dance Recitals


The Lucy Moses School Spring Dance Recitals feature students from dance classes for ages 4-5 and older.  These recitals in Merkin Concert Hall give students a chance to share what they have worked on during the school year and help build performance skills.  Each recital is professionally recorded and DVDs are available for purchase.

For ticket inforimation about a particular teacher's recital, please follow the appropriate link below.

Dance Recital I

Students of Parsla Vintere
Sunday, May 13  |  10:30am

Dance Recital II

Students of Scarlett Antonia, Erin Burton, Christina Morrissey:
Sunday, May 13  |  2:30pm

Dance Recital III

Students of Suzanne Gregoire
Sunday, May 20  |  3:00pm