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Lucy Moses School's
Alicia Andrews in the
New York Times


New York Times retirement columnist Joanne Kaufman's January 27 feature explored the "growing number of retirees who are returning to the instruments they played during childhood and then put aside, or who are taking up the piano, flute or horn for the first time." Click here to read the full article.

She asked Lucy Moses School Assistant Director and Adult Division Manager Alicia Andrews to weigh in on music learners who are older adults. Here's what Alicia had to say:

"Many who join an ensemble or chorus view their participation as a chance to expand their social circle and feel part of a community that is creating art. 'Often, older adults talk in detail about how they’ve always loved music and have gone to concerts,' said Alicia Andrews, the assistant director of Lucy Moses School at Kaufman Music Center in New York City. 'And now, after retirement, they finally have time to participate themselves.'

"But there are ways in which age, far from being a hindrance, is an advantage. 'You know more about yourself as a learner than you did at 5, 6 or 7,' said Ms. Andrews. 'You know, for example, whether you find it more helpful to have things written down rather than hearing them (or vice versa), and whether you’re a big-picture person or more detailed-oriented. And you know what you need in the way of feedback.' Consequently, 'many of our adults know what to share with their teacher to create the best lesson environment,' Ms. Andrews said."

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New York Times, Joanne Kaufman, 1/27/17

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