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Meet Arcinello Jocson, Jazz Guitarist & Special Music School Senior


An 18-year-old from Astoria, Queens, Arcinello Jocson is in the “home stretch” of his senior year at Special Music School. He says: “Music is important to study because it teaches a person discipline. Discipline enables musicians to become better at their craft and to become more well-rounded individuals.”

At Special Music School, Arcinello (whose friends call him “A.J.”) studies jazz guitar. He picked up the instrument at age seven. At the time, A.J. had trouble with writing. Playing guitar became a form of therapy, helping to improve his motor skills and his ability to communicate.

Today, A.J. is an accomplished guitarist who also enjoys his English and Government classes. At SMS, he has developed a keen interest in sound engineering, becoming an expert in production tools like Ableton and Logic Pro. His ultimate goal is to have a career in the music industry, becoming a record producer.

A.J. is still finalizing his college plans, but we know he will achieve his dreams. Before college begins, he will spend the summer at Kaufman Music Center, serving as an Intern in our Summer Musical Theater Workshop. Our campers will learn a great deal from this talented, driven, and passionate young leader!

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