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Meet Caridad Reyes, Vocalist & Special Music School Senior


A 17-year-old from Harlem, Caridad Reyes has “grown up” at Kaufman Music Center. She says: “I’m from a household where no one was a musician, and coming to Kaufman Music Center helped me learn what music was and what it means.”

Now a senior at Special Music School, Caridad began studying music at Lucy Moses School in the first grade. Her first exposure to music was through our “Success through Suzuki” program, which offers highly-subsidized string training to public school students in Harlem. She started by studying the violin, and also learned to play the viola.

Caridad realized she was serious about music in the 7th grade, when she began singing. She entered Special Music School in the 9th grade for Vocal Concentration. At SMS, she performs in the Concert Choir and the Advanced Women’s Choir, and had the opportunity to perform in the School’s first opera in 2016. Her vocal curriculum – including lessons, classes, and performances - has been fully funded by Kaufman Music Center.

Caridad also excels academically, taking several AP classes. While she loves music, her dream is to become a neuroscience researcher who investigates how the human brain works and music's influence on its development. She has been accepted to several great colleges, including the University of New Hampshire, Binghamton University, and SUNY Broome. We’re excited to see what her future holds, and we know it will be bright!

2018 Kaufman Music Center Gala

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