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Meet Satchel - Guitarist, Composer & Special Music School Student


If you love music, you'll be inspired by this story!

This past year, all of Special Music School High School graduates got into college. Students like Satchel will only continue to find success with your support.

Satchel commutes to Special Music School from Hamilton Heights. He started his musical journey at age six, playing in rock bands and even sharing the stage with the punk band Misfits.

Once Satchel discovered jazz, however, his love was cemented. “I want to play music all day long without stopping…jazz has helped me develop an incredible amount as a person, and I don’t see myself ever stopping.” He’s now a junior at SMS studying jazz guitar and composition.

Satchel aspires to build his musical career in NYC. “It is the capital of the music scene, especially for jazz.” He says he’d like to attend college at Juilliard, and he’s also interested in the Columbia-Juilliard Program.

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