New Staff: Maya Fortune


October 20, 2023

Maya Fortune brings a uniquely well-rounded perspective to her new role as Registrar and Music Program Coordinator. A classically-trained violinist with a B.A. in Music, Social Entrepreneurship and Medieval Studies from McGill University, she’s also an alumna of Kaufman’s Special Music School and Face the Music as well as a current Lucy Moses School student.

Maya works with the Special Music School faculty and Dean of Music to produce performance classes, organize lessons and build the school community. At Lucy Moses School, she registers students, coordinates with parents and faculty, and works with the team to create new programs that expand and inspire the Kaufman community.

“My favorite part of the week is watching our students perform,” says Maya. “I love the wide variety of performances and programs at Kaufman Music Center, and the community that this diverse programming brings to the building.”

As an apprentice at The Juilliard School, Maya helped facilitate interdisciplinary performances across the music, dance and drama departments. This fall she’s busy rehearsing the Bruch piano trio with her fellow participants in Lucy Moses School’s Chamber Music Program – you can catch their recital in January! Learn more about her current projects and watch video interviews with groundbreaking artists she produced for Tribeca New Music on her website.

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