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NEW RECORDING: SMS High School students premiere new work by Martha Mooke


NEW RECORDING! Listen to Special Music School High School students giving the world premiere of Martha Mooke's (S)hort (M)essage (S)ervice: (H)idden (S)igns.

The inaugural concert by students at Kaufman Music Center's new Special Music School High School on November 21, 2013 included world premieres of works by Martha Mooke, commissioned by Composers & Schools in Concert and part of SMS High School's fall 2013 composer residency. The program also included works by Purcell, Bach and Glazunov as well as others composed by students.

Henry Purcell, "Sound the Trumpet" (from Come ye Sons of Art)
Martha Mooke, Ode to Ganymede (WORLD PREMIERE)
Henry Alonso, Classical Things for Martha Mooke
Martha Mooke, Quantum for Quartet
Untitled: Broken Arms and Atheists by Sam Friedman, Davon Murray, Henry Nelson & Sebastian Stoger

Alexander Glazunov, Elegy: No Windows

Improvisation for solo electric viola; Josh Kail, viola

Julian Galesi, Got There

Martha Mooke, (S)hort (M)essage (S)ervice: (H)idden (S)igns (WORLD PREMIERE)


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