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Remembering Friends of Kaufman Music Center


Veronica Pellitteri, a Special Music School alumna who joined the school in 1997, passed away in October of this year following a car accident. She was 23 years old. A gifted pianist and vocalist, Veronica attended LaGuardia High School and later studied voice at Berklee College of Music. Veronica moved to Italy, where she was born, in 2010. She began attending medical school at the prestigious University of Sapienza in Rome, specializing in plastic surgery. Her ultimate goal was to care for burn victims. On October 22, Veronica’s friends and family reunited at LaGuardia High School to set up a memorial plaque and scholarship in her honor, and to celebrate her life. She will be deeply missed.

                                                                                                                             - by Dwight Rivera

Temuri Akhobadze, a beloved, long-serving piano faculty member at Lucy Moses School, passed away in November as a result of a heart condition. A native of the Republic of Georgia with a Ph.D. from Moscow State Conservatory, Temuri was a Steinway artist with a distinguished performing career. He was very much loved by his students, colleagues and friends and will be sorely missed.