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VIEW PHOTOS from the Kaufman Music Center Concerto Competition


Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Kaufman Music Center Concerto Competition!

Yali Levy Schwartz, piano student of Genya Paley
Nicole Razhanskiy, violin student of Viktor Basis
Lukas Sánchez, violin student of Julie Kurtzman
Bianna Bell, piano student of Irina Morozova
Isabel Kingston, violin student of Nurit Pacht
Julia Kingston, piano student of Genya Paley
Kyrie McIntosh, piano student of Genya Paley
Honorable Mention: Asia Hickman, saxophone student of Aakash Mittal

View photos from the Feb 12 WInners Concert in Merkin Concert Hall below.
Stay tuned for the video!

Photos by John Johansen