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Ballantyne & Sasaki All Beethoven: 3 Cello Sonatas

Tuesday | May 14 2019 | 7:30 pm

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In the 20 years spanned by the music in this evening's performance, Beethoven revolutionized music and single-handedly created the modern cello sonata.  By juxtaposing works from each major period of his life, Ballantyne and Sasaki highlight this composer's unique musical and spiritual development.  For an even more immersive experience, please join Emmy nominee George Marriner Maull, well-known for his PBS and radio specials about music, for a pre-concert lecture at 6:30 in the balcony lobby.


Scott Ballantyne, cello
Hiroko Sasaki, piano
George Marriner Maull, pre-concert lecturer


Pre-concert Lecture: The Music of Beethoven by George Maull at 6:30

BEETHOVEN  -  Sonata Op. 5 #2 in G minor (1796)
BEETHOVEN  -  Sonata Op. 69 in A Major (1807/1808)
BEETHOVEN  -  Sonata Op. 102  #2 in D Major (1815)