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Ecstatic Music Festival: Helado Negro & thingNY

Wednesday | February 18 2015 | 5:30 pm

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Presented by Kaufman Music Center at Merkin Concert Hall

Helado Negro (Roberto Carlos Lange), whose music achieves a perfect equilibrium of experimental electronic music, krautrock and folk song, will be joined by the theatrically-charged collective thingNY. Lange will extend and develop his 2013 piece “Brain Finger Composition,” in which he controls musical parameters using yarn tethered to live musicians, to include a smorgasbord of creative material: classic Helado Negro songs, newly-written music and the wide-ranging skills of the acclaimed experimental music collective, thingNY. thingNY will also perform a set of sonically diverse text-pieces, including a preview of their upcoming opera “This takes place close by.”

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Helado Negro Mixtape for Under the Radar (Le Guess Who? Edition) by Under_Radar_Mag on Mixcloud


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