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Ecstatic Music Festival: Lee Ranaldo & Dither

Wednesday | March 2 2016 | 5:30 pm

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Sonic Youth founding member Lee Ranaldo and Brooklyn's experimental electric guitar quartet Dither perform "Hurricane Transcriptions," music derived from wind recordings made by Ranaldo in NYC during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. “The wind was coming off, through and around all the tall buildings and making the most amazing sounds,” says Ranaldo. “Overlapping drones, swirling and repetitive, tonal clusters and harmonies, close and dissonant, but also at times clearly consonant chords with clear root, third and fifth. The city became a massive Aeolian wind harp!”

In addition, Dither will perform a selection of their own compositions, and together with Ranaldo and percussionist Brian Chase they will also present “Six for New Time,” written by Pauline Oliveros specifically for Sonic Youth and their “Goodbye 20th Century” double album, and “Thrown Over The Wall,” a unique versions of a song intended for Ranaldo’s next album, described thusly by one insider: “When Trump is the next POTUS, this will be the song of the resistance”.

Rock n' Shop Flea Market comes to the Ecstatic Music Festival on Feb 17 & Mar 2! Come early, have a drink and explore the market!

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