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Ecstatic Music Festival: Roomful of Teeth & Nick Zammuto

Sunday | March 12 2017 | 6:30 pm

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A New Sounds Live co-presentation hosted by WNYC’s John Schaefer
Streamed live on Q2 Music

The omnivorous sonic explorations of Nick Zammuto (The Books) come together with the equally far-reaching soundworld of Grammy-winning vocal octet Roomful of Teeth, who explore the full range of the human vocal apparatus, from Tuvan throat singing and yodeling to Korean P’ansori and Persian classical singing. The performance features new works by Zammuto and others TBA.

Curator’s Notes
Judd Greeenstein, Ecstatic Music Festival Curator
Nick and Brad have been talking about a collaboration since as long as Roomful of Teeth has been in existence, and it’s wonderful to be part of the project that’s finally bring them together — especially as they are both friends of mine for nearly 20 years! Nick listens to the world and hears sounds that can be recontextualized in wondrous ways; Roomful of Teeth listens to and studies the human voice in all its capacity and invites composers to explore that breadth, completely. It’s an ideal match and I’m very excited to have both of these artists back on the festival. We’ll also look forward to hearing new music by Toby Twining, whose own vocal explorations set the stage for Roomful of Teeth’s work, and a New York premiere by Caroline Shaw, one of my favorite composers working today.

ToBeGinAGain was commissioned by The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Liquid Music Series, Walker Art Center and Schubert Club.

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