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International Music & Arts Society presents

IMAS 9th Annual Talented Young Musician Olympia Winners' Concert

Saturday | February 18 2023 | 4 pm


International Music & Arts Society presents Gold Prize winners' Recital of their 2023 9th Annual Talented Young Musician Olympia Competitions.  Repertoire includes music from Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary periods from the standard repertoire.

The artists range from age 9 to age 18.  Performances include piano solo, violin solo, flute solo, clarinet solo, and saxophone solo.

Aaron Zheng, Andrew Chai, Anh Dang Vu, Aniketh Ayyagari, Ashley Zhang, Aslan Wang, Bryanna Hoang, Christian Coleman, Cory Lin, Dawson Lin, Derek Li, Devin Solorzano, Elena Photiadis, Emma Wang, Emma Xu, Francesca Cottone, Garrett Yu, Hannah Zhang, Henry Tsai, Ilona Quek Say, Jessica Ye, Julia Wang, Karen Tong, Kelsey Guo, Logan Decena, Lucia Hu, Lucian Chen, Lucy Li, Madeline Son, Maya Chou, Megan Kwok, Naomi Liang, Sena Shew, Stephanie Yam, Tiffany Xue, Victor Zhang, William Hoang, and Ziming Pan

Piano Accompanists: Dr. Mikako Ogata, Andrej Winnicka, Gloria Shih, Shufen Huang

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