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LP Duo: New Classics & Beyond for 2 Hybrid Pianos

Tuesday | October 23 2018 | 7:30 pm

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“Classical Elegance, Jazz Freedom, Rock’n’Roll Power"

After their debut at Carnegie Hall, LP Duo (Sonja Loncar & Andrija Pavlovic) are coming to NY to present specially designed hybrid pianos (US premiere). These instruments came as a result of a collaboration between LP Duo and quantum physicists from Oxford and Singapore. Hybrids are connecting acoustic pianos with retro-synthesizers and sounds from the quantum laboratories. Music by Adams, Helweg, Raickovich, Bozicevic, Meijering and Correa will drive you through the journey of XXI century music where the borders between chamber ensemble and rock band are being erased. 
Co-production with PARACADEMIA, center for music and #collaborative arts


Sonja Loncar, piano
Andrija Pavlovic, piano


LORA PERRIN  -  Yellow
WIM MERTENS  -  Quattre mains
CHIEL MEIJERING  -  Rondo & A Still Autumn Day
KIM HELWEG  -  American Fantasy
MILOS RAICKOVICH  -  Duet without You
IVAN BOZICEVIC  -  Spring Passes & Sustainable Development
LP DUO  -  Ostinato for Leonid Sejka