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New York Festival of Song: From Russia to Riverside Drive - Rachmaninoff and Friends

Tuesday | November 10 2015 | 6 pm

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With Dina Kuznetsova, soprano, Shea Owens, baritone & Dalit Warshaw, theremin

Before leaving his homeland, Rachmaninoff wrote some of the most ravishing songs in the repertoire — the last hurrah of the Romantic era. When he came to America he found himself surrounded by a new, modern spirit: the driving rhythms of the machine age and the irresistible appeal of jazz. This program delves into the soulful cry of Rachmaninoff's Russian songs and samples the music he heard during his years in the States with songs by Gershwin, Barber and others.

Presented as part of RACHMANINOFF: A Philharmonic Festival, during the New York Philharmonic’s 2015-2016 fall season.

$20 Real Deal tickets available over the phone or in person. $10 student tickets available in person only.

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