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New York Guitar Festival: Toubab Krewe & Joseph Arthur

Thursday | January 30 2014 | 5:30 pm

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Joseph ArthurToubab KreweSilent Films / Live Guitars

Toubab Krewe - Yasujiro Ozu's I was Born, But... (1932,100 min.)
Joseph Arthur - Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle's Oh Doctor! (1917, 23 min.)

The West African-inspired Asheville, North Carolina-based ensemble Toubab Krewe plays Malian-accented world-pop that’s imbued with laconic, Southeastern minimalism. Their cross-cultural flair will take a turn to the East as the band premieres an original score to Japanese director Yasujirô Ozu’s boisterous comedy I Was Born, but…. Two young brothers, outsiders in a new town, skip school to dodge a bully and fret over their father’s lowly social standing as an office clerk.

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur tunes his jangly pop guitar to “Fatty” Arbuckle’s 1917 comedy Oh Doctor! with Arbuckle taking the lead as Dr. Holepoke. Once again, Buster Keaton contributes a share in slapstick mayhem.

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