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PREformances with Allison Charney

Monday | May 4 2020 | 2 pm

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The Magic of May

Your exclusive preview to the world’s premier classical music performed by today’s celebrated musicians.

Allison Charney, soprano and host
With Craig Ketter, piano

Guest Artists

Thomas J. Capobianco, tenor
John Kluge, tenor
Rupei Yeh, cello
Pam Goldberg, piano
Helen Huang, piano

At PREformances with Allison Charney you will hear celebrated classical musicians in anticipation of their upcoming performances on the world’s most prestigious stages. Join acclaimed opera singer Allison Charney as she guides the audience through a behind-the-scenes glimpse at these top-level artists' practices and performances, all while breaking the traditional barriers that exist between classical musicians and their audiences.

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