Meet Special Music School Students & Alumni

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Michelle David

“Maybe in the future we will be an inspiration to other women composers, who won’t be afraid of showing their music to the world.” Read more.

Luis Diaz

“What I gained and what I felt at Special Music School—that wonder, that desire, that curiosity, and that sense of abandon and childlike passion—has acted as the catalyst for everything that I’ve become today.” Read more.

Chloe Holgate

“Music is a second language to me. It’s just so comfortable and such a fun challenge. That does give you a different perspective on life." Read more.

Lily Holgate

“Music is about sharing with other people. It’s about giving something to someone else, something that you have to offer that is special to you and unique to you.” Read more.

Josh Kail

"Music has taught me to believe in myself. SMS is like a training ground for who we want to be. I feel like we're forging our own paths." Read more.

Johanna Nelson

“SMS is like my personal guru that watches me try something, maybe fail, try again, and succeed. But I think that by the end of this year, I’ll be ready to face the world, armed with the knowledge, and love, I received at SMS.” Read more.

Max Newman

“SMS was truly what made me the musician that I am today. It was an extremely enriching environment. I remember feeling like on any given day I was going to see something amazing that I never could have imagined." Read more.

Dwight Rivera

“Studying music made me really curious about everything. I love science and I love history. It gave me a curiosity about everything in the world that I don’t think anything else would have.” Read more.

Luiko Yoshimoto

“At SMS there was an amazing balance between academics and music, and I think that was possible because of the faculty and the community here. I strongly believe that you really can’t find a school like this anywhere else.” Read more. Read more.