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Face the Music Composition

Individual Lessons Program: Any teen musician who has auditioned for Face the Music may be eligible to sign up for lessons in Composition, Songwriting, Electronic Music, or Conducting. Individual Lessons are offered in Cycles: Fall, Winter, and Spring. In each Cycle students receive eight 40-minute private lessons weekly on Face the Music days. Tuition for individual lessons is $450 per Cycle for Face the Music Member Students, or $500 per Cycle for Non-Member Students.

Previous experience in an individual lesson area is not required! 

Composition Lessons PROGRAM

All Face the Music students are encouraged to expand their perspective beyond performance and explore creative music making in other areas such as composition. The Composition Program at Face the Music welcomes composers at all levels and with varying stylistic interests. Instrumentalists who have never composed before but are curious to try should sign up as an opportunity to craft their first piece of music. In lessons, students will work weekly with a dedicated coach one-on-one to develop their creative practice, explore musical possibilities, and discover their own unique compositional voice through this hands-on learning process. Student-composers who have gained experience and are dedicated to their growth may be invited to write a piece for a Face the Music ensemble, which is an incredible opportunity to develop a piece in a laboratory environment.



Face the Music is Kaufman Music Center's contemporary music program for teens ages 12-18. Interested students are invited to apply to audition beginning May 10, 2021 Online Here. For info, email or call 929 265 8412. Do you know teen musicians who may be interested? Download a flyer HERE.