Kaufman Music Center is the premier destination for learning and listening to music in New York City. Our schools offer outstanding education in music, dance and theater to people of all ages and experience levels, and our intimate performance hall presents today’s most compelling artists. Experience the future of music with us on stage, in our classrooms, and all over our community.

Established with the mission of providing access without barriers, Kaufman Music Center proudly programs a comprehensive musical experience for students, performers and audiences in New York and beyond. Merkin Hall, the Center’s intimate performance venue, provides unparalleled access to today’s most compelling artists, workshops and competitions, offering students, artists and audiences alike the chance to share music at the highest level. Its acclaimed Artist-in-Residence program also gives those performers the resources to develop groundbreaking, multidisciplinary projects as well as educational opportunities to mentor and inspire. Kaufman Music Center continuously cultivates and nurtures new generations of artists through Special Music School, New York’s only K-12 public school prioritizing an intensive, immersive and musically-focused education without financial barriers, as well as Lucy Moses School, Manhattan’s largest community performing arts school for students of all ages. 

Our Belief
Music is essential to the human experience and a vital component of education for everyone.

Kaufman Music Center stimulates appreciation of and participation in music through music performance and education in ways that awaken creativity, advance innovation and create a sense of wonder among performers, students, teachers and the public at large.

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Merkin Hall

Merkin Hall

Intimate performance venue with unparalleled access to today’s most compelling artists

Lucy Moses School

Lucy Moses School

Music, dance and theater classes and lessons for all ages

Special Music School

Special Music School (M 859)

K-12 public school offering a unique and intensive music program

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