Meet Jay-Len McClean, Saxophonist & SMS 10th Grader


Jay-Len McLean is a 10th grade saxophonist from Bedford-Stuyvesant. Music became a special part of his life when he began lessons at 11 years old.

When he entered Special Music School in 9th grade, he made a serious commitment to his musical studies. Jay-Len is greatly influenced by the community at Special Music School, where his peers and teachers give him the support and guidance he needs to become a strong musician.

Jay-Len's music education inspires him to become a better saxophonist and musician, but it also teaches him discipline and concentration -- two qualities that will serve him well in his future studies. Besides music, he enjoys history class and learning about how the past connects with the present. We are excited to see Jay-Len's growth as he continues on to the 11th grade!

Please consider pledging your support to ensure that Kaufman Music Center can continue to serve students like Jay-Len for years to come.Our goal is to raise $750,000 for scholarships by August 31st, 2018, and we have already raised $600,000!


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