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Meet Naveah, Vocalist & Special Music School High School Sophomore


Naveah, age 15, is a sophomore majoring in vocal performance at Special Music School High School. She lives in the Bronx with her mother, sister, and grandmother. After struggling to find her place in middle school, Naveah was thrilled to join the Special Music School community.

She says, “I think SMS has shaped me to be more outgoing, have more of a drive to push myself and to take myself places where I didn’t think I’d go. In my music theory classes, I’m willing to sing, and to express myself. I’m confident enough to get up in front of the class and sing, which wasn’t something I could do a couple years ago. I think it’s because this is such a good community of people and I feel like I have room to make mistakes and room to express myself.”

Naveah has taken advantage of many leadership opportunities at Kaufman Music Center, including serving as an intern with the Center’s Summer Musical Theater Workshop.

Special Music School remains the only K-12 public school in the country to offer music education as a part of its core curriculum – provided at no cost to families thanks to our generous donors. For Naveah, it’s clear that having music incorporated into her school day is having an impact. She says: “In class I feel energetic; present mentally and physically. I think that including music in my school day has me be more passionate and more able to focus on what’s happening.”

Naveah explains why this is so important: “People will be thankful for your gift, and it will be noticed. Support from donors makes this place better, which makes the students happier.”

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