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Applications for Luna Lab Fellowships (including the Toulmin Luna Composition Lab Fellowship at Special Music School High School) and the composition course, Adventures in Sound: Beginning Composition are open each year from August 15–September 15. To apply, please follow the two steps outlined here. For eligibility requirements, tuition and financial aid information see below. All applicants will be notified by the end of September, and mentorship will begin in October. Learn more about Luna Composition Lab's broad and ever-expanding definition of “composer.”

LUNA LAB fellowships



  • Send one completed musical work.
  • We prefer a notated score and recording, but will also accept a recording of a purely electronic work, or a video of a performance. You can also, in addition to this completed work, send a proposal for a work you would like to write or are imagining (this is optional). Please send your materials and any questions to Alyssa Kayser-Hirsh, Program Manager, at




  • Send a written statement that answers the question "Why are you interested in writing music?"
  • Written statements should be at least 1 paragraph (3-5 sentences) long, using proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Please send your written materials and any questions to Alyssa Kayser-Hirsh, Program Manager, at


  • Applicants should be age 12-18 (priority is given to students who have not attended college) 
  • Applicants must be female, gender nonconforming or non-binary composers 

For questions about eligibility, contact Alyssa Kayser-Hirsh, Program Manager, at

Tuition for Luna Composition Lab Fellowships is $600. Tuition for Adventures in Sound is $320 (Semester One: $120 / Semester Two: $200)

Scholarships are available for students who demonstrate financial need. If travel costs to New York City pose a financial challenge, please still apply. While we cannot guarantee that we will cover all travel costs, funding is available to help facilitate Fellows’ attendance at the premiere of their work. Requests will be considered on the basis of need and available funding.

The Toulmin Luna Composition Lab Fellowship at Special Music School High School
This Fellowship supports the work of one female, non-binary, or gender nonconforming composer at SMS High School. Marina Zurita McKinnon (Class of 2022) was the inaugural recipient of this award, which underwrote both her curricular music education at SMS and her mentorship through Luna Composition Lab during the 2020-21 academic year.