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Thank You to Special Music School's Supporters

We are grateful to the following donors for underwriting the music program for Special Music School students during the 2020-21 year: 
Judy Hart Angelo, Anonymous (2), Joel and Tracy Beckerman, Sally Cummins, Rosalind Devon, Charles Dimston, Phyllis and Samuel Feder, Anna and Mark Gurevich, Kara Hammond, Dinah Jacobs, Margaret Jan and Alex Chi, Thomas and Margaret Johnson, Elaine and Henry Kaufman, Jennifer and Tim Kingston, David Klafter and Nancy Kestenbaum, Nikki Renée Daniels and Jeff Kready, Devorah Rose and David Krieger, Solange Landau, Bethany and Robert B. Millard, Wendy and Bruce Mosler, Rosemary and John O'Brien, Cathy White O'Rourke, Marjorie Penrod and Eric Wallar, Johanna Roman Barish, Janet and William Schwartz, Nataly and Dimitri Sogoloff, Kara Unterberg, Patricia Weinbach, and Luka and Niko Zylik. 

The music program of Special Music School is made possible, in part, by The ASCAP Foundation Irving Caesar Fund, The Assurant Foundation, Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation, Frank & Lydia Bergen Foundation, Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation, Inc., BNP Paribas, Capital Counsel LLC, The Edwin Caplin Foundation and Mr. Chretien Risley, Trustee, Con Edison, D’Addario Foundation, E.H.A. Foundation, Inc., Ether Advisory Partners, Inc., The Ferriday Fund, Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation, Jerome L. Greene Foundation, The Hearst Foundations, Inc., Harold I. and Faye B. Liss Foundation, The Frederick Loewe Foundation, Inc., The Lester & Grace Maslow Foundation, Tatiana Piankova Foundation, PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc., The Rubin-Ladd Foundation, The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund, Silver Mountain Foundation for the Arts, TD Charitable Foundation, and the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation.

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and from the National Endowment for the Arts.  


Kaufman Music Center is grateful to the following supporters, who have provided leadership gifts of $1,000 or more to the annual fund between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021. Their generous contributions play a critical role in advancing the Center’s mission to stimulate appreciation of and participation in music through music performance and education.

$100,000 and above
The Alphadyne Foundation
Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation
Jerome L. Greene Foundation
The Hearst Foundations, Inc.
Dinah Jacobs
Bethany and Robert B. Millard
Henry & Lucy Moses Fund, Inc.
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
Cathy White O’Rourke
The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund
Janet and William Schwartz*

$50,000 to $99,999
Anonymous (2) 
The Assurant Foundation
The Edwin Caplin Foundation and Mr. Chretien Risley, Trustee
Rosalind Devon
E.H.A. Foundation, Inc. 
Phyllis and Sam Feder
Howard Gilman Foundation
Goldman Sachs Gives Philanthropy Fund
Elaine and Henry Kaufman
National Endowment for the Arts
Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation

$25,000 to $49,999
The Augustine Foundation
Joel and Tracy Beckerman
Sally Cummins
Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation
David Klafter and Nancy Kestenbaum
Devorah Rose and David B. Krieger
Solange Landau
Wendy and Bruce Mosler
Sal Piscopo
PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc.
The Rea Charitable Trust

$10,000 to $24,999
American Endowment Foundation
Christina Baldassarra and Angelo Acconcia
The Barbara Bell Cumming Charitable Trust
Frank & Lydia Bergen Foundation
Justin Berrie
Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation, Inc.
The Cheswatyr Foundation
Con Edison
Credit Suisse
Charles Dimston* and Elena Asribekova
Danielle Dimston
The Ferriday Fund
Kara Hammond
The Libby Holman Foundation
The Hyde and Watson Foundation
William and Dr. Sally Johnson Family Foundation
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Daniel Kaufman and Timothy Beaver
Jennifer and Tim Kingston
Harold I. and Faye B. Liss Foundation
Ann and Michael Loeb* 
The Frederick Loewe Foundation
Made Music Studio
The Johnny Mercer Foundation
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust
The Mystery Lady of Santa Fe
Lillie Nathan and Sally Helfman Charitable Trust
New York State Council on the Arts
Orchard Alliance
Katie and Josh Passman
The Patrina Foundation
Marjorie Penrod and Eric Wallar
Tatiana Piankova Foundation
The PTA of the Special Music School
Shahriar and Noa Rafimayeri
James Rosenfield
Jessica Rothstein and Kurt Lageschulte
Donna and Steven Schragis
Orli Shaham and David Robertson
Janet and Gil Spitzer
Beth and David E. Shaw
Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.
Kara Unterberg
Christina and Lawrence Wee
Patricia Weinbach
Qian Xue and Kailuo Wang
Luka and Niko Zylik

$5,000 to $9,999
Judy Hart Angelo
The ASCAP Foundation Irving Caesar Fund
Amy Berko and Ron Iles
Raymond Bermay
Bloomberg L.P.
Capital Counsel LLC
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Patricia Connell and Martin Schwarz
The Aaron Copland Fund for Music
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Ether Advisory Partners, Inc.
Lidia and Ken Feyder
Franklin Philanthropic Foundation
Peter Gottsegen
Mark Graham
Estelle Greco
Anna and Mark Gurevich
J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Foundation
Mika Kato and Boyan Jovanovic
Jane and Gerald Katcher
The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
The Lester & Grace Maslow Foundation
Maverick Capital Foundation
Olga Nekrasova and Andy Arluk
Jill Nguyen-Geldbach and Augustin Peytchinov
John* and Rosemary O’Brien
The Rodgers and Hammerstein Foundation
Hon. Helen Rosenthal, New York City Council Member, 6th District
Hon. Linda Rosenthal, New York State Assemblymember, 67th District
The Patricia and Edward John Rosenwald Foundation
Alfred and Jane Ross
Silver Mountain Foundation for the Arts
The Ted Snowdon Foundation 
Chris and Christa Somers
SS&C Technologies Matching Gift Program
Meryl Streep
Jonathan and Kathy Sulds
The Kay Swift Memorial Trust
TD Charitable Foundation 
Michael Tuch Foundation
Joy and Graham Wyatt

$1,000 to $4,999
Arlene and Alan Alda
The Amphion Foundation
Jody and John Arnhold | Arnhold Foundation
Austin Community Foundation
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Laura and Manuel Bardash
Carole and Norman Barham
Johanna Roman Barish
Sanford L. Batkin*
Diana and Richard Beattie
Joshua Bell
Elaine S. Bernstein
Bessemer Giving Fund
BMI Foundation, Inc.
Janet Bragg
Eleanor and Fred Braid
Neal Brilliant
Phyllis Brochstein
The Brownington Foundation
Becke Buffalo and Lars Hanson
M. Faith Burton
Martine and Ralph Calder
Ellen and Damian Cavaleri
Jane and Joseph Chang
Girlie Chang and Michael Vermut
Roger Chen and Eileen Shin
Rebecca Cooper and Michael Waldman
Joyce Cowin
D'Addario Foundation
Sally Davis
Barbara Deane
Dana Devon and Neil Sand
The Alice M. Ditson Fund
Gina Dizzia and Daniel Fernandez
Patricia Dugan
Lydia Emil
Faber Future Foundation
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway
Jeff Gates and Mike Moran
Judy Gettelfinger
Matthew Gline
Connie and Leonard Goodman
Joyce Elsa Goodman
Marsha Gray
Glenn Gundersen
Sharon Gurwitz
Judith and Robert Hall
Rochelle and David Hirsch
Charlotte Horowitz
Helen Hovdesven
Sophia C. Hughes
Yves-Andre Istel and Kathleen Begala
Shawn Kahle
Greg Kammerer and Fred White
Judith and Sheldon Kaufman
Patricia Kenner
Judith Kessler and Lee M. Arthurs
Jane Klein
Laurence Klurfled and Joele Frank
Lydia and John Kontos
Nikki Daniels Kready and Jeff Kready
The Elroy and Terry Krumholz Foundation
Marlene and Edward Landau
Riki Kane Larimer
Dennis Lee and Migene Kim
Anne Stark Locher
Fern and Steven Loeb
Pamela Luchansky and Chester Kaplan
Eleanor Luke
Ketty and Francois Maisonrouge
The Marble Fund, Inc.
Lila and Ron March
Christina M. Mason
Clare and Howard McMorris
Janis and Alan Menken
Joan Mohr
Moneta Group Charitable Foundation
Patricial Morrill and Edward Reigelhaupt
MUFG Union Bank
Jill and Michael Neiberg
Hope and Joshua Newman
Francisco Núñez
Amanda and Ned Offit
Or Olam The East 55th Street Synagogue
Sarah Paley and Robert Kerrey
Elizabeth Paw and Tyley Ross
Barbara and Louis Perlmutter
Stephanie and Mark Rambler
The Rubin-Ladd Foundation
Jay Rubinstein
S&P Global Foundation
Santa Fe Community Foundation
Charles and Carol Schaefer
Priscilla and Richard J. Schmeelk
Joan Schneider
Alene Schneierson and Morris Krimolovsky
Jennifer Laing and Tom Schopflocher
Ian Seow and Madeline Tok
Virginia and Edward Sermier
Sybil Shainwald
Virgina Sheridan and Morris Silver
Melanie Shorin and Greg S. Feldman
Jennifer Shotwell
Joanne L. Shrontz Family Foundation
Gordon H. Smith
Sydney and Jon Stern
Shining Sung
Phyllis and Bernard Sussman
Marcy and David Tannenbaum
The Tebil Foundation, Inc.
Mina Tulchinsky
Bradley A. Vernatter
Jay and Randi Vodofsky
Ellen Kazis Walker and Don Walker
Joseph Walker and Nancy Walker Jtwros
Michele Warman and Larry Hirschfeld
Alan G. Weiler
The Wise Family Charitable Foundation
Margot Witty
YourCause, LLC


(as of September 23, 2021)

Kaufman Music Center gratefully acknowledges the generous supporters who made leadership gifts to our educational programs, in honor of the retirement of our longstanding Executive Director, Lydia Kontos. Under Lydia’s leadership, the Center’s educational programs grew significantly, making a transformative impact on the young people of New York City. 

Apollo’s Circle
Elaine and Henry Kaufman

Rosalind Devon
Charles Dimston and Elena Asribekova
Bethany and Robert B. Millard
Henry and Lucy Moses Fund, Inc.
Janet and William Schwartz

$25,000 to $49,999
Connie and Leonard Goodman
Migene Kim and Dennis Lee
Cathy White O’Rourke
Marjorie Penrod and Eric Wallar
Stephanie and Mark Rambler
Christa and Chris Somers

Lyric Poets
$10,000 to $24,999
Sanford L. Batkin
Carolina Farias
Phyllis and Samuel Feder
Judith and Robert Hall
Helen Hovdesven
Solange Landau
Wendy and Bruce Mosler
The Mystery Lady of Santa Fe
Barbara Rellstab
Orli Shaham and David Robertson
Janet and Gil Spitzer
Roni Tamari and Shai Wosner

Greek Chorus
$1,000 to $9,999
Arlene and Alan Alda
Margot Astrachan Production
Johanna Roman Barish
Helene Blue
Roger Chen and Eileen Shin
Lilian and Jacob Cohen
Betty Neal and Ronald A. Crutcher
Todd Dimston and Melissa Bank
Gina Dizzia and Daniel Fernandez
Elizabeth and Adrian Ellis
Judi Sorensen Flom
Michelle and Mark Graham
Mariel Harris and Daniel Cooperman
Jane Huber and L. Chandler Carter
Hooni Kim and Catharine Chang
The Kontos/Busquet family (Nina, John, Laurent, and Nicholas)
Yvonne Lau and Derek Tsui
Jenny X. Liao
Euching Lin and Wayne E. Yang
Alex and Brad Linard
Ann and Michael Loeb
Evelyne Luest and Aaron Jay Kernis
Christina M. Mason
Karen McKinnon and Ricardo Zurita
Joohee and Gabriel Meister
Olga Nekrasova and Andy Arluk
Amanda Offit
The Edward John and Patricia Rosenwald Foundation
The Alfred and Jane Ross Foundation
Jessica L. Rothstein and Kurt Lageschulte
Rita Fredricks Salzman
Katherine M. Schlatter and Joseph P. Mauro
Jack and Janet Teich
Joy and Graham Wyatt
Luka and Niko Zylik

Tzipora H. Jochsberger Society
The Tzipora H. Jochsberger Society was recently renamed in honor of our founder, who passed away at age 96 in late 2017. The Society recognizes the following generous supporters, who have included Kaufman Music Center in their estate plans, making a difference during lifetimes and beyond.

Anne Blatt
Helene Blue
Ilse Blumenfeld
Sidney Bresler
Rosalind Devon
Phyllis and Samuel Feder
Emanuel and Ellen Genauer
Estate of Anna Gold
Estelle Greco
Dinah Jacobs  
Adele D. Kapp
Carole A. Kemack
Solange Landau
Christina M. Mason
Cathy White O’Rourke
Johanna Roman Barish
Evelyn Ronell
Blanche Shapiro
Dorothy Silverstein