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Are you curious about classical music but haven't attended many concerts in person?  Are you a seasoned listener ready to deepen your understanding of music?

Join Steinway Artist, creator of the Conscious Listening™ approach, and Lucy Moses School faculty member Hsing-ay Hsu  "Sing-I Shoo" in a deep listening musical adventure! Her unique Conscious Listening™ approach is guided listening in real-time, with a four-step process. With practice, participants are connecting more deeply with music, amplifying their joy by sharing with others, and finding new ways to extend listening to life and emotions.

This workshop series is designed to warm up listening skills for the Tuesday Matinees concerts. Each session will focus on one piece, either live piano or video, to guide our listening and discussion!

The five specific areas targeted with the  Conscious Listening™ approach are:

  • linking the music to verbal language and learning how to ask questions, listen, and engage better through music
  • focusing on one element at a time through a duration of time
  • using imagination to connect with memories and emotions
  • breathing with harmonic tension and release
  • and the skillset of listening collectively with other inquisitive listeners, lifelong learners, music teachers, and adult musicians.

This open-level workshop minimizes complex terms to create an encouraging, balanced environment. 

See the Conscious Listening™ approach in action:

"Listening to music has become a new adventure! I have learned how to focus on each element, hearing its role in the composition. I can much more deeply appreciate the composer’s creativity and I wonder, 'What is he or she telling me?' I can bring more of myself into listening, feeling what resonates for me, what surprises, what fascinates. Our class has a great vibe. We’re invited to ask and share and compare experiences." – Dan Mausner, current student

Class Details

Class ID 17402
Age Adult - Senior Friendly
Day Tue
Time 12:40 pm - 1:30 pm
Start/End February 06, 2024 - May 14, 2024
Sessions 4 | Show dates
Term Year 23-24
Tuition $60
Max Class Size
Instructor Hsing-ay Hsu

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