Pegasus: The Orchestra Presents

Brahms & The Schumanns

Sunday | October 22 2023 | 3 pm


"The Liszt transcriptions were projected brilliantly by Asiya Korepanova with stunning velocity, dynamic range and color" (Peninsula Reviews)

Karén Hakobyan conducts Pegasus: the Orchestra in a monumental program that mirrors the storied Brahms–Schumann–Schumann musical triangle. He begins the evening with Robert Schumann’s undeservedly neglected jewel, Overture to The Bride of Messina, op. 100, composed as he approached the end of his life’s arc. 

Next, the stunning Piano Concerto of his beloved Clara Josephine Schumann [born: Wieck] is performed by celebrated pianist Asiya Korepanova. This masterpiece was composed by Clara at age fourteen (14), leaving one to wonder what more she could have done had her life had a different trajectory.

Following a brief intermission, Hakobyan concludes the concert with Johannes Brahms’ great Symphony No. 4. A close friend of both the Schumanns, Johannes remained Clara’s fast friend after Robert’s untimely death.

Asiya Korepanova, piano
Karén Hakobyan, conductor
Pegasus: The Orchestra

ROBERT SCHUMANN – Ouvertüre, “Die Braut von Messina,” Op.100
CLARA SCHUMANN – Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 7
JOHANNES BRAHMS –  Symphony No. 4 in E Minor, Op. 98

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