Yiddish Philharmonic Chorus presents

Chutzpah! Yiddish Songs of Defiance

Sunday | June 11 2023 | 1 pm


$40 tickets are available for groups of 10 or more. Call the box office at 212 501 3330.

Fueled by optimism, faith, and pride, the Jewish nation has prevailed, resilient in the face of hatred and oppression.  Hear the Yiddish Philharmonic Chorus, an intergenerational ensemble led by Binyumen Schaechter, perform a variety of Yiddish anthems, theater songs, a liturgical setting, and even a children's song, all in some way rallying for solidarity or declaring the need for freedom.

This concert features four world-premiere choral arrangements and some familiar songs you'll hear in a completely different way.  Even if you don't know a word of Yiddish, the song intros, English supertitles, and a keepsake booklet with full lyric translations will keep you fully engaged and in the spirit.  The concert will also honor two historic acts of defiance: the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (80 years ago) and the founding of Israel (75 years ago).

Included are three songs by Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman and three choral arrangements by Mark Zuckerman.

Ba di taykhn fun Bovl (Psalm 137 in Yiddish) - YEHOYESH / B. SCHAECHTER
Dona, dona - A. ZEITLIN / S. SECUNDA
Dzhankoye - Folk song
Hey, Hey, daloy politsey - Folk song *
Di hofenung (Hatikvah in Yiddish) - N. IMBER / H. MEITIN / S. COHEN *
In kamf - D. EDELSTADT / Folk melody
Der Internatsyonal (L'Internatsionale in Yiddish) - H. LEIVIK / P. DEGEYTER
Lomir leybn a gitn tug - M. HOFFMAN / B. SCHAECHTER
Minutn fun bitokhn - M. GEBIRTIG
Mir leybn mit bitokhn - M. HOFFMAN / B. SCHAECHTER
Partizaner-himen - H. GLIK / D. POKRASS
Yerusholayem, shtot fun gold (Yerushalayim shel zahav in Yiddish) - I. LUDEN / L. OLITZKY / N. SHEMER
Di naye hagode - A Choral Tone Poem of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (selections) - I. FEFER / M. HELFMAN

* world premiere, choral arrangement

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