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Crescendo Competitions presents

Crescendo International Competition Winners' Recital

Sunday | March 26 2023 | 3 pm


Aara Jain, Voice
Mia Gao, Violin
Joseph Kim, Cello
Elizabeth Feirouz, Cello
Andrew Zhang, Piano
Rosaleen Yao, Piano
Myra Sen-Kundu, Piano
Riho Okuyama, Piano
Zhihan Huang, Piano
Enguun Batzaya, Piano
Yalguun Batzaya, Piano
Tselmuun Batzaya, Piano
Yiran Ding, Piano
Puru Bhargava, Piano
Mountain Qu, Piano
Samuel Kaplan, Piano
Sohini Maity, Piano
Arnav Kandula, Piano
Eric Schteyman, Piano
Deborah Li, Piano
Aarin Ghate, Piano
Zhiyong Huang, Piano
Ayaan Ghate, Piano
Evan Hsu, Piano
Emily Choi, Piano
Drishti Mittal, Piano
Kaylee Bae, Piano
Rajasvi Gangwal, Piano
Caitlyn Sjam, Piano
Sophia Oliver, Piano
Diya Senthil, Piano
Erin Kim, Piano
Annie Rao, Piano
Andrei Mitchell, Piano
Rohit Maddali, Piano
Yifan Ding, Piano 
Aravindakshan Krishnan, Piano
Sanjay Ravishankar, Piano
Anton Armstrong, Piano
Constantine Krenteras, Piano

ABBA - Chiquitita
E.Lalo -  Symphonie espagnole in D minor, Op. 21 1st Movement
E.Lalo -  Cello concerto in D minor 
E.Elgar -  Cello Concerto in E Minor, 1st mvmt
M.Clementi -  Sonata op.36 no.1 
M.Clementi -  Sonata Op.36 No.1 Third mov.
F.Burgmuller -  Sincerity
F.Chopin -  Waltz No.10 in B Minor, OP. 69 No.2
A.Terzibaschitsch -  Flying a Kite
F.Spindler -  Sonatina op.157 no.1 (1st movement)
L.Beethoven -  Ecossaise -  WoO.23
L.Beethoven -  Sonatina Anh.5 no.1 (1st movement)
Chinese Folk -  Song Picking Tea Leaves and Chasing Butterflies
J.S.Bach -  Musette in D
A.Dvořák -  Humoresque. Op. 101, No. 7
A.Pieczonka -  Tarantella in A Mnior
E.Chabrier -  Scherzo  Waltz in D major
H.Lichner -  Gipsy Dance
A.Durand -  Valse Op. 83
L.Beethoven -  Sonatina in F Major, Ahn. 5, No. 2
F. Burgmuller -   Arabesque op.100 no. 2
A.Diabelli -  Sonatina in F Major (Opus 168, No. 1, Third Movement)
F. Chopin -  Waltz in A minor, B. 150, Op. Posth.
D.Kabalevsky -  Rondo-Toccata op. 60, no. 4
L.Beethoven -  Op.49 No.2 1st movement
W.Mozart -  Sonata K.310 No. 8 Mov.1
W.Mozart -  Sonata No.16 in C Major
W.Mozart -  Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major, K.545 (1st Mvt)
M.Clementi -  Sonatina Op.36 No.6
L.Beethoven -  Sonata Op.49 No.2 the first movement
C.Rollin -  Love Theme
C.Debussy -  Children\'s Corner, L. 113 - I. Doctor Gradus Ad Parnassum
S.Skrjabin - OP . 8 Nr . 12
J.S.Bach - Prelude and Fugue no. 5 in D major, BWV 850
L.Beethoven - Bagatelle
F Liszt - Transcendental Etude No. 10 in F Minor
D.Kabalevsky - Etude in A minor
L.Beethoven - Bagatelle in G minor, Op. 119 No. 1
S.Prokofiev - Montagues and Capulets
F.Chopin - Nocturne Op.9 No.2 in E flat Major

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