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POSTPONED - Fahir Atakoglu: The Music of Hope Tour

Thursday | March 12 2020 | 7 pm


This performance has been POSTPONED to June 24th. To purchase tickets, click here.
In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), public events at Merkin Hall have been suspended through May 11. Get Kaufman Music Center community updates related to COVID-19.

The Music of Hope Tour is dedicated to all of the refugees in the world.

We will encompass the refugee’s journey in all aspects of the concert and tour including, but not limited to: Music, both instrumental and with words, while poetry and prose will create a narrative that is based on the hope of a new life of peace.

The repertoire will consist of new compositions especially written for the concerts, as well as Fahir Atakoğlu’s existing collection of music that was inspired by the above-mentioned themes.

It will also feature Palestinian and Syrian musicians and the Poems of Turkish poets Yunus Emre and Rumi, Fouad Muhammad Fouad, a Syrian poet, and Khaled Juma and Rafeef Ziadah who are Palestinian.

The purpose of this Concert Tour is to change the world's view of refugees, to positively engage the audience, to look at the lives, struggles, and achievements of refugees, to show tolerance, respect and love towards one another by reminding us that it could happen to all of us, anytime, anywhere.

The Concerts will carry the messages of unity, of learning to live together, and to embrace our differences and to always feel the "Hope for Peace" through music.


Fahir Atakoglu, Piano
Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez/Pearl, Drum Kit
Armando Gola, Bass
Bob Franceschini, Saxophone
Mustafa Boztüy, Percussion
Adam Maalouf, Cello and Hand Pan
Kinan Azmeh, Clarinet
Letizia Gambi Estrella Acosta, Vocals
Maria Olon Tsaroucha, Spoken Word
with 16-piece string orchestra


Jazz and symphony compositions by composer/arranger Fahir Atakoglu