Faraj Abyad – Tarab Meditation

Sunday | February 27 2022 | 8 pm


Faraj Abyad, An Evening Of Tarab Meditation is a performance that explores the concept within Arabic music called Tarab. Tarab can be defined as "a state of ecstasy induced by a connection to music." Faraj and his 12 piece orchestra will take the audience on a journey to achieve the state of Tarab. The concert will begin with original compositions by Faraj Abyad and then will continue to known classics from Oum Kalthoum, Sabah Fakhri, and Abdel Halim Hafez. This concert was made possible by Abu Dhabi Festival and is a sneak peek into an upcoming album which Abyad Productions and the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation will be releasing in June 2022.

Faraj Abyad- Oud & Vocals 
Layth Sidiq- Violin/Musical Director 
Gabriel Dahrieh- Violin
Yarub Smarait- Violin
Bengisu Gokce- Viola
Hani Asad- Riq
Zafer Tawil- Tableh
Alber Baseel- Daf
Naseem Alatrash- Cello
Francois Moutin- Bass
Utar Artun- Piano
Tamer Pinarbasi- Qanun
Laith Suleiman- Nay

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