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Hakob Jaghatspanyan, All Colors of Autumn

Sunday | October 6 2019 | 7:30 pm


Whether it is passionate Spanish music or a traditional Armenian melody diffused in the air by his virtuoso touch of the magic guitar strings, it creates a fusion of emotions and an ambiance of love. The guitar in his hands comes to life, his fingers, sliding over the strings, create not just sounds of music but a melodic mélange of heart and soul communicated to us through his profound love of music. Join us to relish the wonderful world of music created by Maestro Hakob Jaghatspanyan, a Merited Artist of Armenia and a Professor of Komitas Yerevan State Conservatory.


Hakob Jaghatspanyan, guitar
Anna Ivanova, soprano


KOMITAS  –  "Lord Have Mercy" (Տեր վողորմեա)
M. EKMALJAN  –  "Amen Holy Father" (Ամեն Հայր Սուրբ)
R. SAJNZ DE LA MAZA  –  "Petenera"
E. SAJNZ DE LA MAZA  –  "Campanas del Alba"
R. SAJNZ DE LA MAZA  –  "Andaluza"
B. POWELL  –  "Valsa sem nome"
J. CARDOSO  –  "Samba"
E. SATIE  –  "Gnossienne N1"
J. MALATS  –  "Serenada Espanola"
J. RODRIGO  –  "Adela"
J. CARDOSO  –  "Milonga"
E. MIRZOYAN  –  "Sad waltz"
A. BARRIOS  –  "Waltz N3"
R. DIENS  –  "Tango en skai"
G. TORRISI  –  "Tango del Mar"
J. ALBENIS  –  "Mallorca"
J. ALBENIS  –  "Pavana capricho"
J. ALBENIS  –  "Sevilla"
M. DUPLESSY  -  "Cavalcade"