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MASK Associazione Culturale presents

Metamorphosis meet Haiku - Patrizia Romanello, piano

Friday | April 8 2022 | 7:30 pm


The concert pianist Patrizia Romanello compares the poetics of two composers of different generations, Philip Glass (1937) and Massimiliano Messieri (1964). The concert opens with one of the masterpieces in Glass's piano catalog, namely "Metamorphosis". The program continues in the Mediterranean area with some compositions by Massimiliano Messieri "Fantasia", "Fantasia No.2 - Traveling with Patrizia", "Haiku", a selection from "12 Haiku" that he dedicated to Patrizia Romanello herself. This concert is an inner journey of the mind among the memories of the unconscious, a return to the archaic with the musical knowledge of classical and contemporary history.

Patrizia Romanello / Piano

Philip Glass / Metamorphosis (1988)
Massimiliano Messieri / Fantasia (2019)*
Massimiliano Messieri / Fantasia No.2 - "Traveling with Patrizia" (2020)*
Massimiliano Messieri / Haiku (2020)*
* American Premiere

$15 student and senior tickets are available by phone or in person. Call the box office at 212 501 3330.

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