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The New York Philharmonic Presents

New York Philharmonic Ensembles

Sunday | October 27 2019 | 3 pm

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Up close and personal.
An Ensembles concert provides an intimate connection between musician and audience. Hear the individual talents that make up the Orchestra. Experience the passion and personality of the performers. And see how a small setting can make for a huge musical event.


POPPER  -  Suite for Two Cellos
Sumire Kudo, Ru-Pei Yeh, cellos  

MENDELSSOHN  -  String Quartet in F minor
Anna Rabinova, Andi Zhang, violins; Robert Rinehart, viola; Nathan Vickery, cello

BEETHOVEN  -  Septet
Qianqian Li, violin; Peter Kenote, viola; Eric Bartlett, cello; Timothy Cobb, bass; Pascual Martinez Forteza, clarinet; Kim Laskowski, bassoon; Leelanee Sterrett, horn

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