Parlando presents

Parlando: Melodrama

Sunday | December 3 2023 | 3 pm


DARIUS MILHAUD  –  Le Bœuf sur le toit
KAIJA SAARIAHO  –  Graal Théâtre
     Geneva Lewis, violin
ERICH KORNGOLD  –  Much Ado about Nothing Suite

What is the relationship between music and the theatre? From folk theatre to Shakespeare to the very conventions of the concert hall, come explore what exactly makes a piece of music theatrical. Featuring violinist Geneva Lewis performing Graal Théâtre, Kaija Saariaho’s enchanting violin concerto, the concert also includes Darius Milhaud’s Charlie Chaplain-esque Le Bœuf sur le toit, and Erich Korngold’s delightful Much Ado about Nothing Suite.

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