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Socrates Now

Wednesday | October 23 2019 | 7 pm


90-minute solo performance-discourse, led by award-winning actor, director, and producer, Yannis Simonides, which captures the essence of Socratic ethics while engaging the audience to think, question, and, perhaps, reconsider.

Take a seat in the court of ancient Athens as Socrates goes on trial for his life. You will hear the philosopher face his accusers with his trademark wit, cutting logic, and the courage of his convictions. Consider his arguments on virtue, justice, politics, corruption, civic duty, love of life and hope in death, and, finally, reach your own judgment.

After touring the world for 15 years, Socrates Now is coming home to its city of origin. Post-performance you will have an opportunity to discuss with Mr. Simonides himself the ramifications of your verdict, and its present day implications. A reception will follow the event.


Yannis Simonides