9/11 Circle Wind Memorial Presents

The 15th Annual Circle Wind Concert

Sunday | November 5 2023 | 4:30 pm


The Circle Wind Concert is held annually to commemorate 9.11 tragedy in 2001 and 3.11 tsunami/earthquake disaster in 2011 in northeast Japan. Turkish & International Music Ensemble will be featured as a main guest and the concert will take place under the theme of "Music Heals : United for Turkey" to support people in Turkey who suffer from the devastating earthquake in last February killing over 50,000 people. Circle Wind Chamber Ensemble, Circle Wind Boys & Girls Choir and Japan Choral Harmony "TOMO" will also join the concert.

Circle Wind Chamber Ensemble
Circle Wind Boys & Girls Choir
Japan Choral Harmony "TOMO"
Turkish & International Music Ensemble

OSAMU SAKATA - Flower of Arigato
KENSUKE YUGETA - Dream & Dream
ENNIO MRRICONE - Gabriel's Oboe
RYUICHI SAKAMOTO - Merry Christmas Mr. Lowrence
JO HISAISHI - Merry-Go-Round - Howl's Moving Castle
Traditional Turkish music
and more

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