The Pianists United: Rzewski in New York

MAY 6, 2023

An incredible lineup of 14 new music piano luminaries including Lisa Moore, Anthony de Mare, Conrad Tao, Ursula Oppens, Vicki Ray and Mikael Darmanie join forces to celebrate the remarkable work of pianist-composer Frederic Rzewski in a marathon day of three concerts. The program includes two of Rzewski's most famous works: The People United Will Never Be Defeated and De Profundis, plus three New York premieres including works written in the final year before his death in 2021.

3 pm

Jed Distler, Nacho Ojeda, Aron Kallay, Ursula Oppens, Vicki Ray & Carl Patrick Bolleia


5:30 pm

Mikail Darmanie, David Friend, Blair McMillen, Lisa Moore, Isabelle O’Connell & Kathleen Supové


8 pm

Anthony de Mare, Lisa Moore & Conrad Tao


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